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Congratulations to Pitch Your Plan Winners Gavin Ferlic, Paul Phair & David Sierdzki!


Just hearing about this project?
Check-out the video for a little background.

We received 88 entries by the April 30, 2012 deadline. Thank you to all those who submitted their business ideas.

We are pleased to offer our congratulations to the following finalists who are now working with the North Central Indiana Small Business Development Center to expand and perfect their ideas.

  • Liz, Che, and Mike Brueseke
Children’s Museum and Discovery Center
  • Joe Crimmins & Alex Regnery
IMAX Cinema, Multi-Use Media Center
  • Adrian Dotson, Mariah Lampkin, Ivy Jackson  (Teen Entry)
Indoor Drive-in Movie Theater, Retro-Arcade, Museum
  • Tom and Doug Conway
Music Television Series
  • Andrew Elegante, Brendan Gallagher, Jeremy McClements
Sustainable Gastropub, Studio, Multi-purpose venue
  • Gavin Ferlic, Paul Phair, David Sierdzki
Rotating Entertainment Venue
  • Ryan Pollack
Ultimate Sports Bar & Creative Dining Experience
  • Alan Stout
Integrated Theater / Bar / Restaurant Venue
  • Ned Swanson
An Extraordinary Event Venue
  • Neal Vogel, Scott Lewis, Frank Moon
Blackstone Brew & View

Attend Pitch Your Plan Competition Final Round

Tuesday June 19th, 3:00pm @ the State Theater

Reserve your complimentary seat(s) to see the finalists pitch their plans for the State Theater
574-282-1110 or rfallon@downtownsouthbend.com


Communities world-wide are taking the initiative to re-imagine historic buildings fallen into disrepair.  In Berlin a mid-century gas station is now an artist-in-residence gallery. In Detroit dilapidated warehouses are now modern loft spaces and art studios. In San Francisco a classic movie theater is now a fitness center. In South Bend, Indiana, the historic State Theater is now. . .


. . . find out on June 19th during the final round event!

Downtown South Bend invites you to attend the final round event for "Pitch Your Plan," a contest that invited the public to pitch business ideas for the redevelopment of the State Theater.

The winner will receive

• $1,000 cash prize
• The privilege of having their name displayed on the marquee for one month
• The very real possibility of seeing their idea come to life

The winning idea could be the spark that leads to a bright, new future for the State Theater.

Learn more about the competition by reading the following pages: How it Works, The Rules, and Evaluation Criteria.

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